Simple Pointers to Help You Stay Tidy Around the Office

With the hectic schedules of most office workers already making life difficult, it’s often hard to make cleaning up in the office a consistent priority – even with a clean desk at the start of the week, it only takes one emergency deadline to transform it back into a disorganised mess. It’s important to remember that a clean desk can actually enhance productivity, while also ensuring better overall mental health. All this with only a few minutes of tidying a day! It can be confusing knowing where to start, so in this blog, we take a look at a few simple cleaning tips and tricks to help you better manage your workspace in the long-run.  

Manage your papers 

It’s all too easy for papers to stack up after a busy week – even after a busy day. What’s worse, leaving it will do no good – you have to remember that the friendly staff of a company offering commercial cleaning in Brisbane or Melbourne, say, often won’t clean up your desk space after you go home at night. Instead, their role is more to clean up kitchen areas, breakout spaces and areas that have accumulated rubbish (such as after an office party). To manage this, it’s important to organise your papers as you find them pile up on your desk. This benefit is two-fold – first, you’ll be able to have a clean desk (less mess means you can better organise yourself in the future), but it also means that you’ll have access to a managed workload. So, when your manager requires a specific document at the drop of a hat, you’ll be able to give it to them instead of having to fumble through a mammoth stack of papers for ten minutes. Think of it like this: only a few minutes of upkeep saves you far more minutes in the long-run. 

Better organise your space 

If you ensure that your work gear, including the items you may bring into work (such as umbrella) has a proper space, you’re going to have a much simpler time managing your work area. Designated spaces for certain things allow you to better remember where things are kept, give a boost to your professionalism (particularly if your workspace was chaotic beforehand) and prevent any potential safety issues with fellow employees. If anything gets particularly disorganised during the day, make sure to take a few minutes to do a quick tidy up after you finish – skip this too many times and your desk will end up becoming a swamp again! If being disorganised for an extended period of time has made your workspace grimier than it should be, it’s also a good idea to invest in desk cleaning materials. Things like sanitised wipes and disinfectant are ideal to quickly clean up dusty electronics, desk stains and crusty keyboards, and by cleaning these you’ll also be ensuring your desk remains totally germ-free.  

Tidy workspaces make for tidy minds! 

When you arrive to work in the morning to find a pristine office, there’s no doubt you’ll be pleased you put in the several minutes the clean-up task demanded. Being tidy around the workspace doesn’t just include your desk, though – it’s a good idea to stay on top of other things around the office, such as the work fridge.  After all, it’s a good idea to make sure that the mouldy, stinky mystery food item found in a long-forgotten corner of the fridge isn’t yours.