Creative ways to introduce decorative garden screens to your space

There are no doubt many who believe that decorative garden screens have few uses. Unfortunately for these people, all they’re lacking is a little bit of imagination. The potential for laser cut decorative screens is huge, and can vary considerably depending on the kind of space you’re looking to fill. The versatility of these screens is also highly dependent on the needs of consumers, and what they’re trying to achieve in their outdoor space. To plant a few seeds in your mind, we’ll cover a few great ways to implement garden screens into your outdoor area.


Making the most of your existing space

Something many don’t consider when opting for aluminium garden screens is the option to integrate the new screen with existing fences. If you do have a fence already in place, placing a beautiful decorative screen on top will allow you to raise the height of your fence. This not only increases privacy, but also serves to make your previously boring fence line much more attractive to passers-by, as well as those living in the house. The raised height of a fence is invaluable in the warmer months, where a few hours out in the sun can quickly cook anyone not properly protected! Similarly, if you’ve been on the fence (pun intended) about getting a gate, installing a decorative screen as a gate will make the most of what you already have, but positively alter it with a pattern and colour that you have the pleasure of choosing. You can even use these beautifully patterned screens to replace existing doors, making your shed stand out that much more while still being just as tough as before – maybe even more – with your new metal screen.

Decorative screens as functional instalments

If you want to introduce some interesting designs into your garden but don’t want to tamper with the space too much, metal patterns screens are also perfect used with fruit and vegetables. Plants like tomatoes need to grow vertically, so rather than having ugly stakes throughout your garden, a decorative screen will allow such vine plants to grow up without an issue and look amazing while doing it!  These kinds of vertical planting spaces are also ideal for small gardens in cities, such as those in apartments and small houses, as they let you maximise the space you have that otherwise would not have been used. It’s even possible to use a series of different patterns to differentiate between what fruits and vegetables you’ve decided to grow around your garden! Screens can also be cleverly used as porch railings and built-in furniture, providing even more versatility with little extra effort.

Embrace an exciting garden

With a little bit of careful thought and a dash of imagination, it isn’t too difficult to make your space more beautiful and functional by introducing a few decorative screens in different ways. It’s important not to forget that not everyone has to install a large fence or ornate gate – even smaller spaces can benefit from screens in a variety of interesting and visually stimulating ways.  It’s never a bad time to get to thinking about how you can make nosy neighbours envious while simultaneously preventing them from peeking over into your garden – it’s a win-win in every way possible!