Four simple things to know before renovating your bathroom

spent hours and hours trawling Pinterest for inspiration and you’ve finally decided on a look that works for you and the space you have. Now the hard part starts. Getting from an idea to a completed new bathroom means that there are a million decisions to make, from finding a contractor to choosing fittings and grout colours. And doing this all within a budget and with minimal disruption to your home life and routine. Here we’ll give you a few tips on what to do before you start.


Do your research well

Don’t let the contractor run riot over you. Even if they are supplying everything, make sure that you are well informed about what your options are and what the costs are. You can visit some of your local DIY and bathroom concept stores to get ideas. Make the best use of the floor attendants because they will often be able to point out flaws in your layout plans and ideas or suggest an alternative, more cost-effective options if the prices are higher than you had hoped. Another easy option is to look at what stores have available for online purchase. If you’re not sure what stores are out there, you can simply type keywords like ‘shower screens Melbourne‘ into your search engine and you’re bound to come up with more options than you knew existed.

Make sure that it fits

The bathroom of your dreams might be a little less dreamy if you haven’t considered your space in the property. Start with the dimensions of the room but remember that the fittings need to fit, and there needs to be enough floor space for the room to function well. Take measurements of everything that you’ve included in the room. Use some graph paper to draw the room and the elements in the layout you think works best. If you’re still struggling to visualize it (and this is most important for very small spaces) then mark all the elements out on a tiled floor with a whiteboard marker.

Be prepared to adapt

It’s almost impossible to exactly translate an idea you saw into real state. Sometimes it’s because your space is a different size or shape. But most often it’s because those stunning wall tiles or the feature vanity cabinet you fell in love with are just not available anywhere, or they are far more expensive than you had realised. When this happens, and it will try to find something that keeps with the aesthetic rather than being an exact replica. If your concept involved green glass tiles, then consider whether changing to ceramic tiles or changing the colour will change your overall look.

And finally, know your budget and stick to it.

Before you begin, decide what you want to spend and set an upper limit to that. There will always be a few surprises so leave a little cushion of about 5% for the incidentals that you haven’t thought about.