Four simple ways to improve your office environment

Is your place of work a little staid and uninspiring? Chances are that the answer to that question is ‘yes’ because there are way too many offices that are so focused on the work that they forget to focus on the work environment. And that is okay for a while, but an ugly and uncomfortable work space eventually gets on top of the people working there with disastrous results. Productivity drops, absenteeism rises and staff turnover increases. It is surprising how much an effect the work space has on the people in it. So, if you find yourself in a place that is dull and uninspiring, seize the day and make some changes. Here are few pointers to set you on the right path.

Talk to experts

There are plenty of highly skilled people who have trained to make offices comfortable and stylish. In the same way as you get an architect to design a building or a plumber to do the pipes and water, so too should you work with an expert to kit your office out right. A quick internet search for a phrase like, ‘office design Sydney’ should bring about the appropriate results. Establish a budget and then set up an appointment or two with the relevant people. Throw some ideas around and you are on your way.

Go green

If budgets are tight or you can’t find an office designer who shares your vision a very simple trick is to add some greenery to the office. Plants have multiple positive effects. They release oxygen and they have a calming and creative effect on people’s psyches. They also look good if they are well cared for. Granted, nothing screams neglect like dead plants in the passages, but if they are well looked after and cared for you will immediately feel an uplifting vibe and calm in the work place.


Air conditioning is a big thing in most offices, but it always comes at the expenses of fresh air and open windows. This might not be a interior solution that works for people in high rise buildings but for others it is a cheap and effective way of keeping things fresh. It is also a great way to end the age-old thermostat debates about turning the temperature of the AC up and down. 

Build energy

An active office where the flow of energy is managed is a great place to be. Make sure that your work environment has places for quiet and focussed time outs and for louder and more energetic activities. In this regard we are talking about things like beanbags or hammocks for the former situations and things like foosball tables, pool or dart boards for the latter solutions. There is nothing quite as enjoyable as being able to step away from a desk for a few minutes to have a competitive game of table soccer with your colleagues. So long as it doesn’t disrupt the rest of the team the results will be great. Your staff will return to their desks better bonded with each other and energized.