Planning a move to a new city

Moving from one city to another is a major undertaking and a very scary one. There are so many things to plan and legislate for plus there is a huge amount of upheaval and change which can be extremely unsettling. It is obviously not a move that is undertaken lightly or without serious consideration. Whatever your reason for moving, be it love or work or the need to start afresh somewhere new, most people don’t up and leave without a lot of thought. Here is a list of things to consider when making the move to help you settle quickly and comfortably on the other side.


Keep some familiar things close

As much as change is usually good and positive it can also be very unsettling, so try and keep some things that you know and love close at hand. Perhaps it’s a teddy bear that you have had since childhood or perhaps it is your car. Whatever it is it can come with you, the move is not just a case of leaving everything behind and starting afresh with nothing, even if you are escaping from a messy divorce or such like, there are still things you can take with you. You car is a great example of a good thing to take. Not only is it expensive to buy a new car, your car allows you to explore your new home town on arrival and as much as your home will be new, you will still retain an important and sizeable asset from your past. If you don’t want to drive your car across the country use a company like Prixcar Australia to help facilitate the move.

Not everything has to move

As much as you want to keep he familiar things close, a major move is also an opportunity to let go of the clutter and unnecessary items that you simply never use. Do an honest assessment of what you own and what of what you actually need. It is amazing how much surplus equipment we acquire over time that in many instances we completely forget that we own. So use the opportunity of a move to gift things to those in need, or to free up a bit of cash by selling your things online.

Social Media is big

A major move can leave you feeling isolated and alone in a strange place. So use things like Facebook and Twitter and Instagram to stay in touch with your friends. It is hard to update everybody via phone on a daily basis, but all those friends and family who have been left behind can easily be kept up to speed with what is happening in your new world if you post regularly on these platforms. This is what they are designed for so use them to keep your adventures at the forefront of their minds. You can chat with them on these platforms too and you can stay up to date with what is happening in your home old town as well.