Creating A Cosy Winter Bedroom

Now that winter is on its way and the chill is setting in it’s the best possible time to make sure your bedroom is a relaxing sanctuary of comfort and tranquillity. This is the one space in your life where you can go to feel completely at ease, so it’s crucial that your bedroom is as cosy as possible when the weather isn’t so pleasant outside. Use these décor and interior tips to create the ideal winter sanctuary for a great night’s sleep.


  1. Invest in your dream bed. The bed is the focal point of your bedroom, so if you’re looking to upgrade the comfort level of this room, that’s definitely the place to start. If your bed doesn’t offer the type of relaxation and good quality sleep that you need then it may be time for an upgrade. Treat yourself and buy queen bed frame and then top it with a new mattress that’s perfectly suited to your sleeping style and the level of firmness that you love most.
  2. Change your sheets. We don’t mean your usual weekly (or bi-weekly, if you’re a little more lazy) regular laundry switch, but a proper swap to a cosier set of winter-friendly linen. Make sure you choose natural cotton fabric that’s perfectly soft and opt for thicker sheets that keep you warm at night so you can sleep peacefully. Layers of soft blankets that you can add or remove as the temperature changes work perfectly for regions that have temperamental weather patterns.
  3. Decorate with candles. Artfully arranged candles in a variety of shapes and sizes add instant warmth. They can be perfect for your bedroom when you want to create a relaxed and comforting atmosphere. Play with scents to find the aroma that makes you feel the most peaceful – just remember to blow them out before it’s time to turn in for sleep to avoid any fire hazards.
  4. Add in some rugs. Hardwood floors or stylish tiles may look classically beautiful and work wonderfully for summer, but when winter comes you’ll need a little more warmth under your feet if you want to boost the cosy factor of your bedroom. This is the time to invest in some rugs. Play with patterns and textures to add a new dynamic to your room and place them strategically so you never have to climb out of bed onto a freezing cold floor first thing in the morning.
  5. Build your own reading nook. Your evening routine could be instantly improved by the addition of a comfortable and relaxing reading nook to your bedroom. This doesn’t have to be an expensive interior design renovation by any means – simply use a comfortable old armchair, add some warm throws and pretty cushions, then set it up next to your bookshelf so you can curl up with your favourite book to wind down after a long day.
  6. Experiment with essential oils. If candles don’t do it for you, try bringing a reed diffuser into your property bedroom to fill your room with tranquil essential oil aromas that will help lull you to sleep at night. Lavender is always a great place to start – it will settle any feelings of anxiety and help you get in the right cosy mindset for bedtime.