What Not To Do In Your Bathroom Remodel

When it comes to home renovations, bathrooms are a real hotspot. They tend to age quickly, so when you finally get some cash to make some changes around your home, your bathroom may be one of the first spaces you want to revamp. Upgrading your bathroom can definitely boost the value of your home and make you feel more comfortable in your space, but there are several common mistakes that many homeowners make along the way. Avoid these common renovation pitfalls so your remodel goes exactly as planned.



Don’t go it alone.

If you were to make a list of any room in your home to attempt a DIY renovation project, your bathroom should be all the way at the bottom. There’s a whole lot that could go wrong when it comes to designing and fitting your new bathroom fixtures, so this is definitely one to leave to the professionals. Call in the bathroom renovations adelaide experts and let them guide you through the design and remodelling process. It’ll save you time, plenty of energy, and the massive cost of fixing all of the things that went wrong in the DIY experiment. We’re not talking about a plumber here, either – you need a service that can look at the bathroom as a whole and help you get the layout right so you don’t end up with a design disaster.

Don’t go in without a budget.

Remodel costs can surprise you if you don’t do your homework first and have a strong idea of what each element will cost you. Create a solid budget with your partner and add an extra 10-15% to that figure to allow for unexpected extra expenses that tend to crop up during a renovation.

Don’t overlook those creaking pipes.

Many people get into their renovation project, only to find that the pipes beneath the surface of their bathroom are loaded with cracks and a few hours away from giving in altogether. This isn’t the moment to decide to cut costs and focus on making the space look pretty instead. Old, run-down pipes can have a drastic impact when something goes wrong, which it inevitably will at some point. Your renovation is the ideal time to replace the ancient old pipes and get some shiny new ones fitted.

Don’t neglect the lighting.

While the fresh layout and fittings may be the focal point of your project, your bathroom can be totally transformed by some carefully chosen new lighting fixtures. This is particularly important if you have a small bathroom that tends to feel cramped. Lighting can open up a space beautifully and make your bathroom feel more luxurious. This should be a space for relaxation and tranquillity, after all.

Don’t forget future buyers.

Whenever you do any form of renovation on your property, you should consider the impact it will have on the future selling price of the house. Avoid design ideas that may seem quirky and fun but could put off future buyers. Your personal taste is important, but try not to go overboard unless you’re planning to re-do the space all over again when the time comes to sell. Keep the colours fairly neutral or bathroom-appropriate, and opt for design features that are subtle and sophisticated rather than reflective of a potentially passing trend.