Reduce Stress During Your Home Renovation

While renovations can certainly be plenty of fun, especially once you get to see the results of all of your hard work and careful investments; there can definitely be some stress involved along the way. Between temporarily turning large sections of your home into a noisy, messy worksite, to dealing with a range of contractors and construction workers for months at a time, it’s no surprise that many homeowners find themselves feeling overwhelmed at some stage of the renovation process. Use these tips to avoid encountering a renovation meltdown while your home gets an upgrade.


Hire the right people

There are plenty of different contractors and construction services out there to choose from, and selecting the right one to work on your renovation will make a major difference to your mental state as the project gets underway. An experienced, high quality service like Brilliant SA can manage your renovation from the design process through to the final details, taking the responsibility off your shoulders so you can relax and carry on with your normal life. Keep the communication flowing throughout the process so you’re up to speed on all of the plans and timelines, and make sure you can trust your contractor to get the job done perfectly.

Have a proper budget planned

Home renovations can be an expensive undertaking, so going into it with a clear, thoroughly thought out budget is absolutely essential if you want to improve your property without missing a mortgage payment or experiencing a financial crisis. Do plenty of research, consult with your trusted contractor for guidance, and have a clear figure in mind of how much you can truly afford to spend on the renovation. Many experts recommend adding an extra 10% of wriggle room on top of your budget to allow for unexpected costs that tend to spring up while your renovation is taking place.

Expect to get a little uncomfortable

When it comes to renovating your property, you have to expect to endure a little temporary discomfort to reach your larger goal of having the home of your dreams. That may mean accepting that your home won’t be as clean, quiet, or relaxed as it normally feels until the project is completely finished. Invest in a good set of headphones or ear plugs to keep the excess noise out if the construction sounds bother you, and plan plenty of activities out of the house to keep busy without spending too much time at home in the midst of the worksite chaos.

Have realistic expectations

Some homeowners complete a renovation and find themselves feeling a little disappointed with the results. This is often because they had expectations that just weren’t possible to achieve within their budget constraints and the structural requirements involved for the property. Make sure you know exactly what’s doable when it comes to your renovation, and use the planning and design stage to work out which of your ambitions are realistic and which may need to be put aside. You can use home design magazines and blogs to give you some inspiration ahead of your renovation planning – but keep your own budget and property limits in mind at all times. You may need to be flexible when it comes to achieving the look you’re envisioning.