The Real Causes Of Your Leaky Roof

A leaking roof is never a pleasant surprise for homeowners. Even the most committed DIY enthusiasts and construction perfectionists can encounter them from time to time. If you’ve spotted a few warning signs that a leak may have sprung – don’t panic. There are experts out there who can patch things up quickly, and working out what the root cause of the leak is will help you ensure it never happens again.

What Are The Signs?

Because a leak in your roof can leave only fairly subtle signs, it’s important to know what the red flags are so you can call up Hookys Roofing to fix the problem before it progresses. These can include:

Mould: One of the most common telltale signs of a roof leak is mould in your home. Leaks can lead to excessive moisture in your home’s walls, causing mould and moss to appear where it shouldn’t be.

A patchy roof: If you spot a few missing shingles in your roof or catch the sight of debris in your downspouts, you’re on track to a serious leak. Keep an eye out for any damage to your roof – it may indicate a leaking issue.

Drips or moisture stains: Watch your walls closely. Any small drips with no obvious cause could be coming from the roof. Moisture stains can also be a sign, so check the roof if you notice anything amiss in your walls.

Water stains: When a leaky roof progresses, you may begin to see water stains appearing in your ceiling. Sometimes these are fairly dramatic and obvious – they can look like a large, dark, circular stain in your ceiling. They’re not always so visible, though, so be aware of any smaller water stains that may be forming in the corners of your ceiling.

What’s The Cause?

Once you’ve uncovered the leak and have called the experts in to fix things up, you’ll need to find out what the cause of the leak was so you can prevent it from occurring again in the future. There are several possible causes that you can explore:

Broken roof tiles: As mentioned before, issues with tiling on the roof can easily lead to leaks. Even subtle breaks or a single missing shingle could create further damage and cause a major leak. If you have people walking on your roof at any point, you’re immediately putting your tiles in danger of damage.

Skylights: While skylights may be a lovely feature in your home, they can also create issues with the roofing at times. They disturb the normal waterproofing of the roof, particularly when leaves are built up around the skylight. Make sure your skylight is installed properly by a professional to avoid this problem.

Chimneys: Chimneys are another pleasant feature that can create leaks if certain precautions aren’t taken. Ensure that yours is properly waterproofed and that any rusting is avoided to keep your roof healthy.

Rusted roof: Rust can be insidious and creep up on you without you realising its there. While the damage may not be obvious for some time, rust can lead to the formation of holes and leaks. Check for rust regularly and call a home improvement specialist if you spot any warning signs.