Simple steps to for small home – maximise the room

maximise the room

A small home is no excuse not to have some fun with your interior design. There are so many creative, easy ways to open up the space in your home and maximise the room you’ve got without breaking the bank. Your kitchen is one area where the functionality of the space can suffer if you’re working with a small square metre profile, but there are ways to make it work. Use these space-boosting tips to make the most of your cosy kitchen.

Brighten up your colour palette.

A dark room automatically feels more cramped. If you get in contact with kitchen renovations melbourne, you can start incorporating colourful, bright splashback tiles that will immediately lighten up the feel of your room. Choose lighter shades if you want to reflect light and make the room appear taller and more expansive. Stay away from anything dark and gloomy if you aim to open up the space you have.

Incorporate more glass.

When you choose opaque materials for your kitchen cabinets, you’re immediately cutting off an extra layer of space in the room. Make the most of what you have by using glass instead – you’ll not only be able to find what you’re looking for more easily, you’ll also expand the kitchen without doing any major renovation work. Mirrors can also help in this regard. We all know that mirrors make a room appear larger, and your kitchen is no exception. Work mirrors into the design of your kitchen to reflect more light and bring in a more spacious feel.

Light up the room.

The right lighting can do amazing things for even the tiniest kitchen. Incandescent lighting, installed just above the countertops, can create a shadow effect that gives the illusion of more space. It’s also far more attractive than a harsh fluorescent light that makes your food, skin, and the colours of your decor look odd. If you don’t have the kind of ceiling depth to hang pendant lighting, use ceiling lights to provide an even glow around the space that will keep it bright and warm at all times.

Revolutionise your storage.

Storage space is the most essential feature of any functional small kitchen. Without proper storage facilities, even a large kitchen can feel cramped and cluttered. Design your cabinets and shelving wisely so there’s always a storage spot for every item in your kitchen. Consider incorporating open shelves as well – they’re a simple and affordable way to save space in the kitchen, and they’ll also make it easier for you to grab spices or ingredients off the shelf while cooking. Consider displaying some pretty plants along the shelf to bring some natural beauty into your kitchen.

Choose the right appliances.

Massive appliances aren’t going to suit a small kitchen. Instead, opt for diminutive appliances that pack plenty of punch into their size. There are plenty of small but mighty options out there that will look ultra-stylish in your kitchen without taking up valuable countertop space.

Install an inset sink.

Countertop sinks tape up far more space than the inset options, so install a space-saving sink that’s cleverly designed to fit into your counter without ruining the look of the room. The more compact the home improvement design, the better.