Look after your trees and watch your garden flourish

In a world of climate change and environmental meltdown, almost everyone knows that trees are very important. As the Amazon Forest continues to burn the alarm and consternation levels of the rest of the world spiral as they know that the scale of the devastation will be hard to undo. Trees are vital for so many reasons, not least of all because they filter carbon dioxide out of the air and replace it with oxygen. In a sense they are nature natural filters and given that humans continue to produce greenhouse gasses like carbon dioxide, the incredible work of trees cannot be underestimated. And it is not just their work as filters, they also provide shelter and habitat, shade and compost. They are the gifts that keep on giving, which is why, if you have trees on your property you should do everything in your power to look after them. If you are planting or you have existing trees on your land, here are a few tips to look after them.


Cutting down is a last resort

People are quick to get upset when the Amazon burns, but if there is a tree in the way of their proposed extensions, or if roots are starting to mess with their foundations, they won’t hesitate to chop it down. This should never be the case and there plenty of fantastic tree surgeons out there who can almost certainly come up with a plan that works for you and keeps the tree alive. An online search for something like ‘tree services Sydney’ should be good enough to help you find a practitioner near to you. Talk to them and explain what you need. They will almost certainly come up with a plan. Even if the trees on your property appear to be doing fine it can still be a good idea to speak to an expert as they can tell you how the trees can do better. They will help with shaping and management to ensure that there are no disasters in the future.

Water deeply

When planting a tree, it is obviously important to water it to ensure that it doesn’t die. But don’t make the mistake of watering it too often. Frequent light watering means that the growing tree will develop a network of shallow roots as it seeks to tap into the water that is close to the surface. Rather give it less frequent but very soaking water. This will allow the water to penetrate deep into the ground and the roots will go looking for moisture in deeper soil. This will see the roots reach the water table more quickly which means that the plant will be able to survive without watering more quickly.

Don’t rake

So many people with modern suburban gardens like to rake all the leaves that their trees shed. This is a bad idea as it is nature’s way of naturally composting the soil. Sure, if the leaves fall onto the property driveway or paths then sweep them up, but put them into the garden, don’t throw them away or burn them. Leaves turn into compost, they keep the soil beneath them moist and they help foster growth of other plants.