Simple ways to make your home safer

Everybody wants to feel safe at home, but the sad reality is that it simply isn’t possible to completely safe ever. The world is a bad place with all sorts of problems and bad people inhabiting it. Social issues like poverty and drug abuse mean that there are always desperate people out on the prowl, looking to take advantage of the weak and frail or of opportunities that present themselves. Sometimes it simply is a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Whatever the scenario, crime happens. But there are ways to minimise the risk and to make your home feel as safe as possible. Here are a few tips to help you optimise your security.


Eliminate weak points

One of the weakest points with any security system is entry – specifically when you are entering or exiting your property. It is that awkward window between switching off the alarm and entering the house or that short period of time when you get out the running car to open the gate or the driveway door. These are great opportunities for criminals to strike and ideally, these are moments that you should seek to eliminate. For example, if you have a manual garage door, do an online search for something like ‘remote control roller doors Melbourne’ to find somebody who can automate the process for you. The same would apply to your driveway gate. If you are able to stay safely locked in your car while the gates operate automatically, you are much less likely to be accosted.

Beware of high walls

Hight walls are not the answer, especially if they cannot be seen over. So, while a palisade fence might work, a towering brick wall only serves to keep you isolated from the outside world. It means that once a criminal has breached your wall they can move around your yard with freedom, completely invisible to outside eyes. It affords them time to check out your property and to plan their mischief. A lower wall or palisade fence makes them visible while at the same time still sending the message that they should not be on the inside of the fence.

Use plants

Plants are a great way to keep people out and to shield potentially vulnerable points. Most burglars don’t want to grapple with the unpredictability of thorns and vegetation. While an electrical fence is manageable a rose bush or bougainvillea is nasty and a whole lot more complicated to deal with. They also look a lot more friendly and are pleasing on the eye.


Burglar alarms have come a long way from the old days when they would only sound if somebody was in the house. Nobody really wants to be warned when there is an intruder in the house – it is much too late by then. Instead, you want an alarm to sound when an intruder first sets foot on the property – so look instead to install motion-sensing perimeter beams. You get a much earlier warning and it means that a criminal really must want to come inside if he still tries to force entry after activating the alarm when he is still navigating the yard.