Tips for making the perfect man cave

For most men he idea of a man cave to which they can escape is a dream, but not a reality. Sure, for the single man who lives alone it is easy – the whole house is essentially a man cave. But for the married man or gent who is in a long-term relationship the man cave is almost always an unattainable ideal, no matter how tolerant the wife is. But there are ways to make the dream come true. It will probably require a bit of effort and planning and almost certainly it will require some compromise on your part in terms of giving something up in exchange, but, if you follow these simple pointers you could be on your way to your own awesome man cave.

Away from the house

A man cave is almost an impossibility within the confines of a house. It isn’t fair for anyone. If you want to have a room that is yours and yours only, that can be untidy or where you can play loud music or shout at the television while you watch sport, then the reality is that it needs to be away from the house. An online search for something like ‘garage sheds Melbourne’ will likely provide you with a winning solution. A stand-alone structure that is easy to erect, comfortable to be in, close enough to the main house to be convenient but far away to tick the boxes for everyone.

Know the essentials

The point of a man cave is that it is a place where you go to get something. You are going there not to escape your wife or family but to do things that you love doing that they are not so keen about. It might be where you go to watch sport on television or to play poker with your mates. It might be a place for a cigarette which is not allowed in the house. Perhaps it is just a place to read quietly without interruption. Whatever it is, know what you like and kit the room out accordingly. Television, satellite, a bar fridge, internet, dart board… the list could go on. This is about making a place that works for you. Don’t hold back!


You cannot spend all your time here and you cannot expect that your wife or partner will be okay with you having a retreat if there is not something for her. So, find out what it is that she wants and commit wholeheartedly to giving it to her. If you are only going to your man cave to escape her then your marriage is doomed, and you should seek counselling not a retreat. But if she is recognising your need for space and granting it, the least you can do is find out her needs and help facilitate them.

Trust is important

As much as you value your space in the property and privacy it is important that your wife is never given a reason to be suspicious of what you do in the cave. Be honest at all times. If she knows that you just love to read in peace and watch a bit of football, she will have no reason to doubt you. But if you start acting suspiciously, running out there to take calls and staying out alone until the middle of the night she will come knocking and start to resent things. If that happens the sanctity of the man cave will be violated, and you don’t want that.