Making your bed the best on earth

It might sound like a strange thing to say, but there is more to bedding than meets the eye. There is a big difference between an ordinary bed and one where a conscious effort has been made to add comfort and style. And it is not about throwing more continental pillows and scatter cushions onto the bed, like so many hotels seem to think is he way to go, it is about the attention to detail and the little things that really make a difference. So, if you are looking to pamper yourself, or a lover or even a guest, here are a few things that you might want to consider in order to create the ultimately in sleeping comfort.


Temperature regulation

There is nothing worse than being either too hot or too cold. And while there are lots of ways to manage this, including electric blankets, double packed duvets and thicker pyjamas, one of the smartest ways to manage the situation is through the foundation layers. As winter comes and it starts to get cold, look at investing in the best wool mattress topper than you can find. This will do wonders not only for comfort and heat retention, but also it is great for protecting the mattress. If the foundation layers of the bed’s set-up are done right, then things like electric blankets are almost moot – unless of course it is Arctic outside.


Everyone has different preferences in the pillow department, and you need to take into account personal preferences. But memory foam pillows are becoming increasingly popular. They might be heavy or even hard – certainly not the type of pillow you want to encounter in a pillow fight – but they deliver a great night’s sleep and they are very good for you from an ergonomic perspective. It goes without saying that there is a reason why they are so expensive.


Focus on thread count with this one. The higher the thread count the higher the quality – and logically the higher the price as well. But the difference between a quality Egyptian cotton sheet versus a cheap, supermarket variety is huge. The one is like lying down in luxury while the other is just another night of sleep.


A good mattress is priceless and is worth every cent that you might have to pay for it. There are lots of options and much as it was the case with pillows, people all have different preferences. Some like a harder mattress while others like a soft one. Don’t just order online, go into the store and lie on a range of options to find the one that works for you. And don’t compromise. True comfort is not hard to find, although it can be hard to afford. But it is worth the investment – in buying a good mattress you are essentially buying yourself the interior gift of a good night’s sleep for potentially as long as ten years. If you are in any doubt about whether the investment is worth it, sleep on the floor for a couple of days before going mattress shopping – that is bound to get rid of any doubts that you might have over the merits of the purchase.