Making property alterations cost-effective

For many people who own property it is a very frustrating experience. Having shelled out a whole lot of cash to buy a place and to get a foot onto the property ladder, it ends up with there being no money left to turn the house or apartment into the place of dreams. Quite simply, having extended yourself to the limit with a bond and legal fees, there is no scope left to make the alterations or changes that you want. Or is that really the case? Granted, alterations can be very expensive and difficult to do, but there are ways and means of making them affordable. Here are a few tips that could perhaps bring those seemingly impossible changes a little closer to reality.

There is money in waste

Don’t think for a minute that the old things that you rip out of your place are useless or that they have no value. From your old window frames to old bricks or wooden roof and floor beams, everything has the potential to be up-cycled and that translates to money. For example, your old wood could be planed and sanded and used to make wooden crates Sydney and Perth have a ready market for these types of products. Scrap yards do great turn over on old plumbing components. None of these materials are going to fund your building, but they do have the ability to offset some of the costs, and to make a significant difference to the final price of the work.

Look for the value

If you are looking to change too much, then you probably shouldn’t have bought the house in the first place. So, look at how you can add maximum value to your property while making the most insignificant changes. Think about items like fittings. Taps and shower heads for example are east to switch out and they don’t have to be extremely expensive. But the difference they can make to your bath or shower routine are enormous. A nice shower head and a glass shower door as opposed to a dodgy old curtain and a hand help mixer – you can change it in an afternoon, and it will add considerable value to your property.


A coat of paint has the ability to hide all manner of sins. It also has the capacity to make an old and seemingly unloved house seem cared for and lived in and warm. You don’t need to paint the whole house, that can be very expensive, just focus on making a few key walls look good. A well-chosen, bright colour that can turn an ordinary wall into a feature is the way to go. It is also something that can be done very quickly – an afternoon worth of work and you are sorted.


This isn’t quite in the realm of alterations or structural changes, but it nevertheless can make a big difference to the impression that is created when people come to visit. A lush and well looked after garden with trees and flourishing indigenous shrubs looks superb and it can completely change the feel and experience of your property.