Five ideas to make your house more eco-friendly

In the era of global warming and rapidly declining natural resources like fossil fuels, it is very important that we start to think ecologically smart when we are kitting out our houses. As the saying goes, think global, act local. And thinking local starts at home where there are a lot of simple changes that you can make which will have a major impact on the world. Well, maybe not if you are the only person doing them, but if every household started doing it then we really would be on eh road to lowering emissions and being a much more sustainable planet than we are at present. Here are a few things to consider, if you are not already doing them.

Climate control

Regulating the temperature of your house is important if you want to maintain decent levels of comfort. But this does not have to mean giant air conditioning units that chew electricity. There are lots of simple solutions that can make a big difference. Things like double glazing for instance, or a system that uses the evaporation of water to lower temperatures. A quick online search for a phrase like ‘heating installation Melbourne’ should provide some solid starting points of companies that will offer eco-friendly solutions.

Hot water

For most households the biggest contributor to the electricity bill is the geyser. Which is crazy if you consider that solar geysers are now very competitively priced and that there is no shortage of sunlight. A solar geyser can take care of all your hot-water needs, even when it is overcast. If you are really worried you can install an over-ride switch that will flip to electricity powered heating in eh event that it is too cold and rainy outside.

Cooking with gas

Gas can be manufactured, it is cleaner to produce than electricity and it is far more effective. Turn on a gas plate and it is hot immediately, use a conventional hot plate on the stove and it takes a long time to get to the desired temperature. Gas is also a solution that can help to take you off the grid if you want to try and live as independent from state or private utility suppliers.

Use your garden wisely

If you have a garden plant it well. The world needs trees and while your garden is no place to make a forest, if every urban home boasted two or three trees it would go a long way to offsetting the effects deforestation, to cooling the city and to preserving the natural habitats of many animals that once lived in the area.

Recycle your water

In the same way that single-use plastics are now being vilified and replaced, so too do we need to become conscious of how we use water. Single use water is also a waste of a resource in short supply so start to make plans to collect shower or bath water and use it on eth garden. This is known as grey water and there is nothing wrong with it. It will help keep your garden green and lush and your water bill down. The same too applies to harvesting rainwater. Instead of letting water fall on your property and then head off to the drains and back to sea, install tanks to collect it. The benefits and cost-savings are huge.