Simple tips to help your property hold its value

If you own a house or a property you obviously want it to grow in value and worth, especially if your long-term goal is to sell it for a profit. Naturally you also want to do this without having to spend a fortune. The reality is that making major changes and alteration to a property, while certainly adding value, can also be very expensive. But what can you do to ensure that the property holds its value without spending fortunes. Here are a few tips and thoughts to help you stay ahead of the game.

Never let the bad things gain a foothold

If you are not in a position to improve your property, then at the very least make sure that it doesn’t start to lose value. In this regard make sure that destructive forces are never able to gain footholds. By this we mean ensure that things like invasive roots are cleared out. Don’t let birds get into the ceiling. Ensure that bugs and vermin like rats and cockroaches don’t start breeding there. If there are wooden structures on the property be particularly aware of termites. An internet search for something like ‘termite treatment Adelaide’ should yield the type of results that you are looking for. Call them and call them regularly to ensure that nothing that shouldn’t be there is ever able to get a foothold.


No matter how old a building is, there is nothing that says it is loved and cared for more than a fresh coat of paint. Even if you don’t paint the whole building, do it in parts, but keep it looking fresh and cared for. And when you are painting, make sure that you get somebody in who will do the job properly. Painting isn’t just about splashing on a new colour once every so often – it is first and foremost about the preparation of the surfaces. If you do that right the effort goes a long way and lasts a whole lot longer.

Look after your wood

Wood needs to be looked after and it is often forgotten. Window frames, pergolas, decks and all similar finishes need to be maintained constantly. Sanded, painted or oiled and generally treated well. Wood is such a stylish, natural finish and as it ages it can look so good, but it needs to be cared for well. So, take some time out of your schedule to do a quick inventory of the wooden finishes inside and outside of your house and then look after them.

Plant lavishly

Do not be afraid to plant and plant lavishly. A house that boasts a well-maintained jungle as a garden looks so much better and is so much more valuable than a property with a desert for a yard. Trees are majestic, and they bring stature and shade to a garden, they are naturally impressive, and they offer bulk, a focal point for the yard and a place for animals and birds to live. A house with a garden that screams abundance is a house that makes a good impression on a buyer.