Stylish Office Design Trends For 2018

We’ve come a long way from bare-bones cubicles and grey, lifeless office spaces. Today, more and more businesses are seeing the value in great design for their work space and understanding the impact it can have on both their brand and on employee morale. If you’re planning a big office renovation this year and want to make sure your business is keeping up with the latest trends in every area, use these exciting design ideas to inspire you.

Brainstorming spaces:

We’re no longer looking at workplace design as a simple matter of open plan spaces vs. closed plan. This year, things have become far more flexible, and the wider trend is in incorporating a variety of planning ideas into one comfortable, stylish workplace. One great way of incorporating this flexibility into your office when working with Office Interior Design Sydney this year could be to fit brainstorming spaces around your workplace. You can think of these areas as co-working spaces, where comfort is maximised and workers are encouraged to come together to share ideas, work on projects, or catch up during a coffee break.  

Understanding office design as an investment:

Businesses used to really count every cents carefully when it came to creating their offices; looking for budget options rather than considering design details. With the plethora of research that has come out around the importance of the atmosphere of the office environment, it’s no surprise that businesses are increasingly viewing their office design strategy as a significant investment, rather than an afterthought in their business plan.

Quiet areas:

While open workspaces may have dominated the business world in recent years, not all companies and employees thrive with plenty of buzz surrounding them. It’s important for your office to have flexibility in this sense. Using open spaces and meeting areas as a tool to bring workers together to talk and generate great ideas, as well as soundproofed spaces or high-tech headphones available gives workers the option of having some silence when they need to sit alone and focus on a project.

Technological advances incorporated into your workspace:

If you already use Alexa in your home and Siri on your phone, it makes sense to bring these useful technological advances into your workspace. Ask your interior designers to find ways to incorporate these new technologies into your office in a way that helps employees share ideas and keep track of scheduling without becoming a distracting or inefficient feature.

Focus on branding:

This year has seen many big brands paying increased attention to the way their workspace reflects their business as a whole. Even the smallest business can bring this level of attention of detail to their office design. Make sure the atmosphere and style of your space represents your brand wisely.

Employee wellness:

This trend is definitely one that we’ll see take centre stage in 2019. Employee retention is crucial, and if you’re in a competitive market hoping to attract some great talent, you’ll need a workspace that attracts them. This means using ergonomic design to make sure they’re comfortable and pain-free, keeping the office light and airy, and offering features that allow them to stretch their legs when necessary, get outside from time to time, and even jog while working on their latest project.