Moving House With Kids: How To Cope

It’s widely known that children aren’t great when it comes to big transitions. Moving to a new home is certainly a significant transition, especially if it involves moving to a new state, switching schools, and a substantial lifestyle change. The level of worry involved will depend on the age and temparement of your children, but for most parents, a plan is needed to make sure the move goes smoothly for every member of the family. Use these tips to make sure your kids are able to cope well with the change and you’ll get through the process without too much chaos.

Arrange your packing order wisely

When the moving day arrives and your interstate furniture removalists show up to start packing all of your boxes and furniture into their trucks, you can help your kids out by being careful about the order that the boxes are loaded in. Make sure that all of the boxes with your children’s favourite toys and their bedroom furnishings are put on last so they can be unloaded first when you do arrive at your new home. This will mean that you can quickly unpack their treasured possessions when you arrive so they don’t feel like they’re standing in an empty space with none of their home comforts.

Prepare them ahead of time

It’s best to tell your children fairly far in advance that you’re planning to move house so you have plenty of time to discuss the change with them, and to respond to any worries or thoughts they might have as the moving date draws closer. If possible, it could also help to bring the kids along to the new house so they can see it for themselves and hopefully get excited about the move. If the house is too far away to visit, you can ask your realtor for a virtual reality tour option so they can check out their soon-to-be new room online and get a feel for their new space.

Research the area

o plenty of research about the new area you’re moving to so you can find out what interesting and exciting spots are around that may interest your kids. This way, you can help get them psyched up for this new adventure by showing them the new fun play spots or attractions online, and by talking to them about all of the exciting things they can do once they move to their new home.

Plan your packing wisely

Depending on the age of your kids, packing may be difficult when they’re up and running around. If you have older kids then it’s great to have some extra help by getting them involved in the packing process, but younger children may need to be out of the way for you to be productive. You may want to schedule packing sessions into the evenings once they’re in bed for the night rather than attempting it during the daytime, or booking some babysitting sessions or visits to family members to give you space to pack up.

Expect some growing pains

It’s natural for children to experience some emotional upheaval during a major life change, so expect some difficulties in the first few weeks and be prepared to sit up a little later at bedtime and give plenty of comforting cuddles.