Creating A Fireproof Home For Your Family

We all know just how dangerous fires can be. One small error can cause enormous damage, and even unthinkable tragedy. If you’ve just moved into a new home or haven’t yet considered the fire safety aspects of your household, now is the time to act. Ensuring that all of these fire safety tools and tips are in place is a great step toward keeping your family safe no matter what comes your way.



Maintain your smoke alarms.

This most basic fire safety tips can also be the most effective. If you have effective smoke detectors in your home, you’ll immediately be alerted at the first sign of any danger from fire in the house so you have plenty of time to get your family out of harm’s way. Have a service like Perth Electrical Company come to your home to check that your smoke detectors are tested and replaced if necessary. If you don’t have one yet, they can install one for you in all of the important areas of your home.

Make a plan.

It may seem extreme, but having a well thought out home evacuation plan in place in case of an emergency could save lives. Because we tend to panic and freeze when scary things happen, making a plan and then practicing it several times makes it easier to act in the correct way should something go wrong. Teach your whole family the evacuation plan and hold fire drills throughout the year to make sure everyone is aware of how they should act and where they should go if the smoke detector does go off. Your children may be taught the basics of fire safety at school, but it’s best if you can practice in the home environment, too.

Be wary of the kitchen.

The kitchen is a crucial area when it comes to preventing fires. Be careful never to leave food cooking in the kitchen unattended, even if you’re a confident chef. Double-check your hot plates when you leave the kitchen after cooking or when you sit down to eat a meal, and clear any flammable items away from the stove area (including dish towels and oven mitts). Heat oil slowly to avoid dangerous splatters and have a lid handy at all times to cover hot oil or smother a fire if flames flare up.

Leave items behind.

As difficult as it may be, it’s important to remember that seemingly precious items must be ignored if a fire does break out in your home. Prioritise getting everyone out of the building and calling the fire services – just one moment spent grabbing something that seemed important at the time could cost you your life.

Keep safety equipment in the house.

There are certain items that you can buy for your home that could be a huge help in the event of a fire. Purchase a new fire extinguisher and fire blanket from a trusted hardware store and make sure that they conform to the Australian Standards for fire safety. You can also buy a powder extinguisher that can be used to put out small fires in the property – these generally come in 1kg containers that you should shake every now and again to prevent the powder from sticking together.