How To Tackle An Ant Infestation In Your Home

There are very few of us that haven’t at some point in our lives had the misfortune of dealing with a sudden influx of irritating ants in our homes. They sometimes seem to appear seemingly out of nowhere, bringing thousands of their friends and marching up and down your home with no end in sight. If you’re currently trying to stop the local ants from taking over your home for good, use these tried and test infestation-busting steps.

Call the professionals.

There are services out there that know exactly how to put a stop to an infestation efficiently and effectively. A service like Australian Pest Specialists will send experienced exterminators to your home to assess the extent of the infestation, offer advice, and then provide treatments or an immediate solution to rid your home of these aggravating tiny visitors. If you’re looking to get an ant-free space quickly and with minimal effort on your part, this is probably the best way to go. They know exactly what works in the long-term and will advise you on the best course of action.

Keep food hidden away.

The best way to stop an ant infestation is by preventing it from ever starting in the first place. In many cases, ants invade your home because they’ve found an easy spot to grab some food to carry back to their colony hideout. If you don’t leave any food for them to find, they won’t be nearly as interested in visiting. Keeping your kitchen squeaky clean is a good first step to take. Don’t forget that even small crumbs that may look insignificant to you can appear like a banquet to something as small as an ant, so clear your kitchen counters of any crumbs or food residue.

Be wary of food waste.

While your kitchen countertops and the areas where you prepare and eat food may be the most obvious targets for ants, there are other areas that you could be neglecting if ants are becoming a problem. Ants can detect food tucked away in your garbage bags, so try not to leave food waste sitting in your bin for too long. Do a daily garbage removal trip to stop them from hiding out in your rubbish.

Store your food sensibly.

The way you pack away your food, particularly items that have already been opened, could make a huge difference to your likelihood of experiencing an ant infestation. Use pegs or specialised packaging clips to tightly seal your food away and invest in Tupperware or food containers that are truly airtight.

Try out a chemical spray.

There are plenty of sprays on the market that claim to kill ants and solve your pest infestation problem, but they may not be a great long-term solution. They’ll kill the ants that you can see in your general area of your property, but once one group of ants has been killed, other members of the colony will probably show up to carry on where the others left off, wisely avoiding the residue from the spray. In most cases, using an exterminator service will be far more effective in the long run, as they’ll be able to deal with the colony itself, and not just the ants that are currently in your kitchen.