Essential Decorating Tips For Your Rental Home

It generally goes without saying that living in a rented home rather than your own property often comes with a long list of potential interior design limitations. Depending on the personality of your landlord and the details of your lease, there are probably particular aspects of your new rental property that you simply cannot change. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t work wonders in your rental to really make the house a home. Use these lease-friendly decorating ideas to add character to the property.



Cover Up Undesirable Flooring

One of the primary complaints that tenants often have about their rented home is the flooring. Whether you’re stuck with a carpet colour you hate or freezing cold tiles that completely lack personality, there’s generally very little you can do about the flooring of the property when you don’t own the house yourself. Fortunately, there are stylish and simple ways to cover up the property’s flooring to make it feel a little more like your own personal space. You can’t tear up the carpet, but you can buy beautiful Fantastic Rugs to bring colour and vitality into an otherwise drab room. If you’re going a more eclectic, quirky look, mix and match the patterns and colours of your rugs to nail the aesthetic.

Change Up The Windows

Adding dressings and treatments to the windows in your rental property can really transform the look of any room. Check with your landlord first and then consider mixing things up around the windows to create a bright, breezy atmosphere for your living room or a more relaxed and soothing feel to the bedroom. Shop around for curtains of varying colours, textures, and patterns to give each room its own unique personality and style. If your landlord has left you a property with completely bare windows, this is the perfect opportunity to get creative and let your design ideas come to life.

Focus On Lighting

Playing with the lighting in your home can turn a generic rental apartment into a picturesque, Pinterest-perfect home. Because lampshades can easily be removed and switched around, landlords generally don’t have a problem with you changing up the lighting in the property, as long as you’re not specifically installing new lighting fixtures in the walls or ceiling. Shop around for beautiful lampshades that suit your preference and create ambience with varying glows from different types of bulbs. If the landlord is on board with the idea, a dimmer switch is a great way to alter the atmosphere of your bedroom and wind down for bedtime. Just a few fun lampshades placed strategically around your living room can add a ton of character and colour to your home.

Seek Out Non-Permanent Décor Solutions

Painting is generally a no-go in rental properties, but these days there are some great décor solutions that can easily be removed once your lease comes to an end. Vinyl decals that stick to the wall are great for customising each room – they work especially well for kids’ bedrooms, and they peel away effortlessly once you’re ready for a change or need to move on to a new home. You can buy vinyl quotes that say something about your personality or your family, or experiment with patterns and designs to make your own unique murals across the walls.