6 Unusual Ways You Could Improve The Value Of Your Property

There are certain factors involved in property valuation that most well informed property owners are aware of. We all know that the location of your property is key, and that the neatness of your garden area and the number of rooms you’ve racked up in the building will do their part to boost the property’s value. But did you know that there are plenty of other factors involved that could alter the price you’ll get when the time comes to sell? Be aware of these more unusual factors so you can get the best possible deal when you’re ready to move on.


The look of your garage:

A garage door isn’t something you put much thought into. It’s functional, for the most part, and you wouldn’t think that a potential buyer would give it much consideration either. In reality, your garage is one of the most visible features on the exterior of your property, and will be an essential part of the buyer’s first impression of your home. A secure, attractive, and modern door will make a buyer feel more confident about their purchase. You can contact garage door installation perth to upgrade if yours isn’t quite up to the task.

Tidy the playroom:

Having kids generally means that a little mess can be expected, but if you have anyone coming over to do a valuation or take a look at your property, it’s essential that all of those stray toys are neatly tidied away. Research has shown that the presence of toys on the floor and other evidence of messiness can knock down your property’s projected value.

A quiet local nightlife:

A few nice restaurants, coffee shops, and cosy cafes in your neighbourhood can definitely have a positive impact on the value of your home. Meanwhile, those properties that are located near notoriously busy late night hotspots may struggle to fetch a good price – many buyers are put off by the idea of living in an area that will attract plenty of noise, as well as possible rowdy troublemakers, once the sun goes down.

Incorporate smart storage:

There’s nothing wrong with a small, neat property – these are often attractive options for buyers, particularly if they’re putting their foot on the property ladder for the first time. Where you could run into problems with your small property is when storage space is called into question. A small home without adequate built-in cupboards and storage space will definitely put those potential buyers off, so work on building in extra space wherever you can to maximise your property’s worth.

Living near popular supermarkets:

You won’t be able to make this happen if you already own the property in question, but if you’re considering investing in property you may want to check out what amenities and supermarkets are already in the area. Buyers these days love to be close to their favourite popular supermarkets, and upmarket options tend to have the most favourable impact on the property value.

Plant some trees:

here’s something about a beautiful, large tree that very few people can resist. They provide natural beauty and a sophisticated feel in the neighbourhood, so the presence of a few large trees along the road or in your garden could boost your home’s value substantially.