How to Solve Your Land Dispute Easily

Engaged in a dispute with your neighbour about whether or not a certain portion of your land belongs to you or to them? Your first thought might be to go to the authorities on it. This is actually a bad idea, because it will probably escalate a situation that really doesn’t have to be. Resolving these little fights amicably and with a smile will allow you both to come out of it happy, without having any animosity pop up between the two involved parties.

Why Do it the Torrens Way?

A lot of people hate paperwork and looking through all those huge old deeds. This is one instance where Torrens titles come in handy. You no longer have to peruse old deeds to figure out the boundaries of your land.

With one of these bad boys under your control, you can resolve the dispute a whole lot easier. Don’t have one of these, don’t fret. There are plenty of other ways in which you can settle these disputes without ever having to see the inside of a courtroom. These methods are collectively called ADR, or the Alternative Dispute Resolution methods. They are official, formal and effective methods. One party refuses to accept the terms of such a resolution, and then courts may have to be involved in the dispute. The most part though, no one wants to go to the trouble of hiring lawyers and getting embroiled in a legal battle.

ADR Methods have been Tried and Proven

When you are picking an ADR method to solve your land dispute, you have to think about one thing above everything else. This is the cost effectiveness of the method you have chosen. This phrase is defined as being a benefit that is returned to you that makes the initial amount of money you spent on it justifiable. A good example of this is buying a gaming console for a few hundred dollars. With a lifetime of about 6 years, this is a great benefit for the investment. In the same way, the benefit of the dispute in this scenario is that you get the land that you think is yours. The investment is the collective amount of expenses for settling the dispute in the first place.

How to Ensure Cost Effectiveness

Make sure that you are engaging in a dispute that is actually cost effective by determining the monetary value of the disputed land. This can be done by hiring a licensed surveyor to get the lay of the land and compare it to current land prices. This doesn’t just mean the disputed strip of land either. You need to value your property as it currently is, and as it will be if you should win the argument and get the land you want back into the fold. The overall value doesn’t really justify the money you spend on the lawyers who will help you get it back, and then there really isn’t a point to the whole process at all!


Always remember that there are less aggressive ways to resolve conflict. It doesn’t always have to go the extra mile and become a full-blown fight that could take years to get over and leave a family feud in its wake. You do not need that kind of negativity in your life. Make sure you look at all the different ADR methods that are open to you and choose wisely from them all!